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Assertive Transport Solutions prides itself that when undertaking a collection and delivery instruction from a client,  that in  almost  90% of  scenarios the haulier engaged by our office will be one that is  looking to fill an empty load capacity on its vehicle(s)  for the  “return load” to its operating base  which in itself will be in close proximity to our client’s  delivery consignee address.

Traditionally the “return” leg of a commercial vehicle having already tipped its premium load becomes available at a discounted rate to other operators in the Logistics Industry, which is a resource opportunity we have managed successfully within our preferred supplier base of vetted General Hauliers from across the UK for many years.

Indeed ensuring that commercial vehicles are not running ‘empty miles’ and thus contributing to what is generally conceived to be an  excessive carbon foot print within the industry, it  is today even more  paramount with changing environmental demands and that of the  general public’s own perception of the Road Haulage Industry.

Upon instruction Assertive Transport Solutions  will engage a haulier based upon the above, then provide your office with a unique loading reference that the collecting vehicle's  driver must quote when presenting the vehicle for loading at your nominated premises.  The consignment is then pro-actively managed during transit until unloading where upon we will notify your office of its successful completion.


Assertive Transport Solutions has over the past years built up close commercial relationships with several of the UK Pallet Networks via their local depot operations in many locations across the UK such as Pall-Ex, TPN  and Palletways.

For those clients that have daily or occasional instructions to collect single pallet or small consignments of palletised freight we will source and engage the best suited network supplier to meet the overall collection and delivery distribution demands that are required.

Our involvement presents  the additional benefits of being able to individually manage each consignments progress on our clients behalf, whereby a track and trace audit is performed daily first thing each morning via the nominated network’s IT  portal allowing us the opportunity to identify any problems in the consignment’s  progress via the ‘hub and spoke’ operation which if identified we can proactively address as a means of minimizing any potential service disruption leading to a potential delayed delivery.



Its often inevitable that companies that maintain a bulk stock holding will encounter limitations within their in-house warehouse capacity.  Whether seasonal or due to such scenarios as  promotional activities the requirement for short to medium term pallet storage space off site often becomes a requirement.

Upon instruction Assertive Transport Solutions will source and manage via its supplier base a solution that meets the specific requirement. This ranging from basic in/out pallet storage to more complex pick and pack/fulfillment  style operations.

All solutions nominated  will be within a clean dry and secure environment and be with suppliers that can prove a track record in supplying  3rd party warehouse services either currently or in the past with the necessary WMS systems to support the service.